My Final Identity Submission

I made a few changes to my Identity project today…

I couldn’t do everything I wanted as it would have involved recovering all of the boxes and a fortune in printing, so I did my best in the time given. I like the boxes much better with a recognisable image on each side. I also prefer it without all the other posters. I guess the use of the plinth does help raise it from the floor, but I needed to have the bigger boxes on the floor, they didn’t work on plinths.

I am quite impressed with myself regarding this project. It is totally out of my usual comfort zone. I don’t do big, I don’t do self imagery and I don’t do installations and straight lines!! I look at it and I wonder where it came from? Anyway, now I have stepped outside the zone, I can say I tried it… ! I think it works very well as a bridge between Visual  Cuture, which was all focused on Identity this semester and Studio.