The Light Shows

Today in the studio we all presented our Light Nelson Powerpoints for peer review. Personally, given the short time-frame I think all of the submissions were fabulous! Most of them fitted really well in the concept of Light Nelson.

I see Light Nelson as not just a light show, but as a lightening of the spirit and atmosphere, in the middle of the Southern winter. Not that I need lightening as I love winter most of all! I was very conscious of this, and also the fact that Light Nelson is a family event, and these concepts served to inform my views on what works and what doesn’t for this event.

My favourite installation I think is the one by Van Van and I… I really love it! A close second is Jess Shirley’s slideshow. It features photos of people around Nelson all saying why they love Nelson. Jess has written the statements on the photos and is showing them through an outside window at NMIT. It looked great on Friday! I love the celebratory atmosphere of this work, I love it’s positivity, and it is great to see all these happy smiling beautiful people! This for me embodies the very spirit of Light Nelson.

I also found out that my neighbour and good friend Linda is part of the slideshow!! You go gals!


My friend and neighbour Linda, or Mindy as I call her!

Photo by Jess Shirley