Beyond Expectations…

No matter that I woke feeling very low, tired, my kitten was missing and it was Friday 13th!

All came right in the end… as I knew it would! Pookie came back and had a visit to the vets, he is now home and feeling a bit better. I spent the morning playing with my gorgeous wee boy Blue, and then headed to college to install the Light Nelson project.

Van Van and I were blessed by a huge bundle of black polystyrene strips which were perfect for building my twig shadow making structure. The stuff I had acquired before was too small. Amazing that these just appeared today of all days!!

We worked hard from 3.30 and 5.00pm. One of the precious bulbs broke during lighting tests, but luckily I bought two! We played around and decided the bulb was better hanging from the wire grid above the gallery, so we covered the orange cable with masking tape to disguise it against the white background. The hanging bulb also gives some movement, which eliminates the need for a turntable. I like the slight movement although some complained of motion sickness when it was moving too much!

So we built our structure, installed the light and held our collective breath as we switched on…



The night rolled from there and the gallery was never empty… so many people wanted to play!

A man came out of the woods


Little people visited…


Wood faeries danced…


and best of all, Blue and Polly came to play too!


The speakers were not working but even on my iPad we got an idea of how the soundtrack would make it even more ethereal!

There are things I want to play with before the event, but I am basking in the warm and kindly shadow of satisfaction right now!


6 thoughts on “Beyond Expectations…

  1. This is magical. These shadows provide us with another world, so different from the one which they stem from. How beautiful would a tarot deck be, created in this way!

    Congratulations. Beautiful work and a great idea.

    1. Thank you! I would love to create a deck using shadows, it is something I have been pondering for a while, I can see it speaking to the subconscious in a way that most decks don’t. I find it hard to out into words but I am definitely going to experiment!

  2. Well, I think it sounds very exciting. What surprises me about those photos of your work is how emotive the lack of features on the people is. You can project a whole story onto an image like that, as a reader. And it would be different for every person who reads with it. I hope you find some time to experiment and let it grow.

    I once began a deck using silhouettes,which I shared with JJ. It had such a different energy to much of what you see. I never finished it though.

    1. Well now I have met JJ and you I am feeling inspired again! I have to come up with a project for next semester :)

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