In Gombrich’s Art & Illusion, he talks about a process he calls schemata. This process is where the artist compares what he has drawn or painted with what he is trying to draw/paint, and by trial and error, comparing his drawing to his source, the artist gradually corrects the drawing/painting to look more like what he is seeing.  I am using this process to create the effect I want.

I looked at the previous posts and research, and worked out a way to combine the crowd caster lamp, that I mentioned here, with our twig and bark ball in the previous post. I had a walk around my property and collected willow, twigs, some old resistors, and a lump of polystyrene.



Using these things I made this:


Then I dismantled my Himalayan salt lamp (excellent for fighting those positive ions given out by computers etc…), and removed the bulb and fitting. I cut the hole in the polystyrene base of my twig sculpture and inserted the light fitting:


Woohoo… shadows, that look like trees! I created the white walls with two sketchbooks.


Here is a photo with my mug of tea for size comparison:


Actually that’s a little misleading, the mug looks smaller here than IRL, but you get the picture. The lamp is off here by the way.  So… the bulb I used here is a teeny 7 watt bulb. The bulbs I purchased yesterday are 9 times that brightness and they are halogen which gives much sharper shadows.

I think I now have a positive enough result from this model to warrant making a larger version, which will take a lot longer. I may just try a quick demo in the gallery on Thursday using my bulb and just a very basic setup before constructing the actual large shade with twigs. if that works then I am away!!! Everything is one hundred percent recycled except the light bulb. Polystyrene is icky, but at least it is better in use than in the landfill.

Excitement abounds…!!!