A light trip…

None of my group turned up today so I decided to get with it on my own, and try and get this thing nailed. We have a week left, and I have a lot of other college commitments during that week too.

I went to a lighting place in town but they were of no help, and so I drove to meet a guy at Lighting Direct in Tahuna (thanks for the link up Morgan!). Scooterm the manager of Lighting Direct, was extremely helpful. I took my small *ball* of twigs as a demo to see what bulb would work best. After looking at a few bulbs, I purchased two of these beauties… Scooter calls them Dollies.



Aren’t they gorgeous? They are 42 watt halogen points, which gives the equivalent of 60 watts. They are fairly economical, and they are exactly what I need, with a very small pinpoint of light and a clear glass bulb. The large bulb means that the lap doesn;t give out too much heat which is perfect.

Now I need to make my shade. I did some tests in the gallery but couldn’t do it properly or photograph them as an exhibition was in progress. I did work out hat the shade needs to be much bigger that this baby.


I am planning a new shape too, a new approach, influenced by this earlier post, just to compare the effects. I may do some card cutting today… I did some iPad sketches, (see Sundays post), which I thought about printing onto acetate and making a lamp like the crowd lamp, but then the materials wouldn’t be recycled. Mind you, Symen has lots of acetate printouts from making screens… maybe I could grab, and recycle some of those!