Shadow Research

I have done a lot of research the past couple of days on making shadows and the best bulbs to use. I worked out last week that a clear bulb would be best, but  yesterday I found a great web page here. The diagram below is from the page, and it confirms my theory. Diffused light (which is the effect of frosting a bulb) is absolutely no good.


Also found some more interesting information on wikipedia.

Of course candles make the best shadows, but these are not really viable for this project. Although, tea lights made ultra safe are both eco friendly and atmospheric, they may just do the trick!

I have some fabulous cut glass saucers that I found in junk shops, and if you stand a tealight in the centre the shadows it throws around are fabulous. I also used to have a beautiful Moroccan candle lantern like the one below… again fantastic shadows…


We will get there. Meanwhile I have been researching theorists, fascinating stuff.

I am seriously thinking of becoming a shadow artist.