Talking about last night…

Well I am exhausted, but very proud to say that Bikes Blues and Metal Guitars was a great success. Russ and Phil who played with him were fantastic, as were the crowd. All day while I was working on all the final touches I got so much encouragement from everyone in G Block, I felt almost invincible! I am thinking that Cheri maybe felt the same, boy did we work hard for this!


Russ and many of the the visitors said that the  gallery looked wonderful, great video and the guitars and the Indian glowed with Russ’s passion and pride in what he does. We got lots of compliments and thanks for hosting this and Russ himself was blown away. So, there are things I would have done differently, and I would have stuck to my original idea of a more workshoppy look than gallery look, but group work is about everyone’s input. I think we did a great job in such a short time.Stop picking Bobby, it was a job extremely well done!!

A highlight was our dear Staju playing his Indian drum with the boys, and he did it very well… Rock on Staju!

The best thing that came from this, in my opinion was Russ’s response, he was absolutely over the moon. One thing I want my art to do is spread joy, there are messages to get out there I feel, but there is always more than one way of doing it. Focusing on the positive aspect of an issue is far more likely to result in change in my experience. We, all know bad stuff happens… it doesn’t need neon lights to highlight it, it needs ways of changing it… a little artistic alchemy can go a long way.

Anyway here are a few photos of the setting up…!




All images by raggedpoet.