A Shiny New Project…

Back to college tomorrow and a shiny new project! This next one is Light Nelson… We have to create an installation using bot light and recycled materials on the theme of habitat. I have been thinking about what I want to do for mine all year, so I have my concept all ready to go.

Originally this was going to be a group project but then they changed that,  and said we could do it either in a group of our choice or individually, which I have to say I am happy about! So I decided to go solo… until last week. I received  emails from two other students asking if they could be part of my group. Anyway I met them on Friday and told them my concept and they are both very keen. So now it has become a group project again… that’s ok, it can be bigger and better, and I look forward to their input. Plus they can be my ‘heavies’ should there be anything I can’t handle about the installation. So I am welcoming aboard Van Van and Ben.

Hmmmmm…. so I guess I will spill the beans about what I am doing… watch this space… meanwhile here is a clue: