That’s how the magic gets in…

The past couple of days, I have been catching up with an order for Tarot bags. I found some old 20 year old Halloweeny fabrics and  did a lot of hand stictching and quilting.  It felt good to create something whimsical and hand stitched. I love the bag I made, I was almost hoping the client wouldn’t like it, so I could keep it for one of my decks!

Actually this bag is for a Lenormand deck, so it’s a wee bit smaller than the usual bags I make, but it is longer as one of the specifications, was that the wrap around part could hold a five card spread when opened out. You can see what I mean in the photo below The pocket for the cards is on the left hand side of the image.


The bag all rolled up with the deck inside:

Magical Lenormand Bag

The lining is pieced from my own hand dyed fabrics.


The thousands of stitches, in their rainbow threads, are how the magic gets in – of course…


And look how thickly padded it is…! Lucky deck…