I miSs MaiL ArT

From around the age of 7, until around 2 years ago, I made mail art. In fact pretty much every letter I have written has been a piece of mail art.  I have a problem sending naked undecorated stuff through the postal system. But I made art especially for the mail too, sort of. The mailbox IS a museum.  I miss it… I miss writing letters with decorated margins and words curling around the page. I miss drawing on and colouring and collaging the envelopes. I miss the smell and simplicity of rubber stamps.

I still have a load of old issues of Rubberstampmadness, from the crazy days, long before scrap-booking ever came to light. Well scrap-booking as we know it now that is. The scrapbooks we had as kids bore little relation to the fanciful perfectly choreographed albums I have seen today, even though they pose under the same name. I am going to get out some old stamps tomorrow, get inky fingers, make some envelopes, or postcards, draw and collage and write. And send stuff in the mail.

Watch this space. And if you want a piece of real, honest to goodness mail art, just say the word. Cos I am hungry to send it.

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