Yesterday was the day of the installation of my identity work. All through the night, gales with gusts approaching 200kph howled around my house and kept me awake. It is hard to access the comfort of sleep when you are afraid the roof will take off and leave you exposed to the elements – or worse. This morning the gales were still raging and driving was not advised. In the end I didn’t leave until 10.00am, and it actually didn’t matter because even when I got to college I couldn’t do anything.

G-Block was overrun with little people, we were unable to access most of the rooms, and I spent a lot of the time dodging in and out of the workshop and the Mac lab, trying to get my work finished, and helping others with Adobe stuff. I love it when I can help, and G-Block is a great place to be for helping and getting help – with all aspects of art.


Anyway, after 3.00pm when the little folk had vacated the building, I started moving all my stuff into the gallery. It was easy to assemble, I added finishing touches, like my red Dymo labels and masking tape on some of the posters and a cool sign on the top of the big stack of boxes. All that was left to do was to photograph it, sit and wrote my studio critique and gove myself and everyone else who was still around, a big pat on the back!

A view of the full installation:


A close up view of part of the installation: