The Ultimate Postmodern Toy

Now I have all the elements of my project, I have been trying to come up with an idea of how to display them, and  present the concept. The original tower idea has been translated into boxes. They are three dimensional and can be constructed, knocked down and reconstructed in a different design or pattern – the main building blocks are there and they are solid. The posters are only two dimensional, they are images, or visions, of what they appear to be. There is nothing behind them except the image. I want to show that although the images look the part, and they appear authentic, they are only one moment, captured, that anyone can imitate.  For example, a wedding photo of a bride and groom – in theory it shows a man and a wife, but they are only acting the part for the camera. There is far more to being a man and wife than can be gained in one photographed moment. The building blocks, ie my boxes, represent the years of experience that it takes to fill out those two dimensional images.

Anyone can buy an image, but this means very little. Companies sell their products by creating an image of a lifestyle that is usually far bigger than reality. I have tried to portray this with my huge images and boxes, or building blocks. Tonight I came up with the idea of presenting the whole project as a ‘toy’ construction kit. I still need to make the box for the construction kit and the labels, but I have designed the packaging and advertising poster. I tried to use dated graphic design, which reminds me of the sensational claims of toys and  packaging from when I was a kid.

So… here is the front of my Construct Your Own Indentity Kit box…