I could not live with it…

I spent most of today making large sheets of paper from my poster images and then using them to wrap my boxes. I discovered this method yesterday after a few days of trial and error, working out how to get the pictures around the boxes and have them look good.

I tried spray glue but that was awful, no moving around time and it gunked up my hands, and it will not come off!

Then I tried diluted PVA, but it wrinkled and the pictures looked messy and very play school. I didn’t mind the box texture coming through, but this was just icky. I could not live with it.


I hmmmmd and ahhed about covering boxes, and then once again, I went back to basics.. How do people cover boxes and make the look neat? Then it came to me, wrapped gifts! So I made a huge sheet of wrapping paper from my A4 poster parts, and wrapped a box… FANTASTIC! I loved it, so I did another…