Construction and Deconstruction

I went through my notes and samples for my identity project, from the beginning, and began to unpack my concept and all my thoughts to date. Something was nagging me about it which kept me unable to move forward. and I have finally worked out that it is too much stuff, and too many ideas, something I always struggle with.

So I went back to the beginning, and it all started with the empty Dilmah teabag box, which I looked at one morning and thought, tea, me, part of my identity, box, construction… a constructed image…

I took the box and covered it with part of a blown up poster I had been playing with as another identity concept. Then I added some red dymo tape labels a bit like Barbara Kruger, although I have been using this concept for years, before I heard of her, I have to admit it looks Barbara Kruger’ish’ and that ok. It is her concept that matters not the images themselves, and I like that attitude to art. Kruger in her way fits in with Warhol and Lichtenstein and Duardo Paolozzi, making art out of the ordinary, but she added another dimension with her labels and messages

This is a photo of that box, which I thought I had posted here right at the beginning, but I guess it got forgotten in all the other manic ideas!

photo 1

In this close up of some of the words, you can see I used an old Dymo tape labeller. My sister and I loved these when we were kids!

photo 2

I like this box, and I like my giant posters. I took them into college and everyone who commented said I should use them. So I looked at my fragments and fabric prints and decided that I want to stick with the posters, dots, constructed box concept, and not muddy it or dilute it with all the other stuff  I have done, (like the fragments etc.)

But I still want my tower of strength, so I went on another recycled cardboard hunt and I got lucky! I have printed out the rest if my posters and the whole lot will be pasted to cardboard and constructed into my tower. I am going to use the three colours here, because of an old joke I remember as a kid…

What is black, white, and red all over?

The newspaper of course :) But identity is like that too… and labels, we read into things stuff that appears black and white but isn’t. We construct identities for everyone we meet by reading things which we feel are balc and white but maybe they are not.

Now I have to think about how I will make this tower… it will have to be constructed in situ I think, or at least in easily assembled parts, in order to transport it to college. Meanwhile back to cardboard and glue and a whole lotta dots…