I am made of polka dots…

I had a brainstorming session in my sketchbook, about who I am and what defines me. What a lot of labels!

I have decided to do most of my brainstorming on this blog, and although I will use my sketchbook as I always have I will probably just photograph the pages and put them on here, rather than handing the lot in. The tutors are more than happy with that, and things don’t get lost etc…!



The above page was made with letters cut out from a photo of me that I converted to half tone and blew up until it was just dots. Like putting my identity under a microscope, and seeing all the tiny parts of my life  that make me who I am today. I6 woud be very cool to make a huge image with a dot for each minute or day or hour of my life. But I have neither the mathematical genius nor the time to work this out right now!