Highlights of the Show

Yesterday we viewed all the mural presentations. It was a great morning, and time flew by.

The first PowerPoint by Group Two was one of the best PowerPoints I have seen, I really do need to become aquainted with this tool as people in college seem to like it and use it a lot. I shall endeavor to get over my Microsoft thing! Last year, Edwin, my fellow would be castle dweller and scripting teacher extraordinaire, introduced us to Prezi. Prezi was fun, but now we are back to MS and PP ! So, inspired by today I shall get better, and learn to love that P-word.

Group four’s mural idea blew me away. I absolutely loved it and I want to be part of making it happen, in Nelson in August. The concept was to celebrate the anniversary of gay marriage being legalised. The image is a pair of wings made up of hundreds of male symbols, ♂ like this. It works! Although the final image presented was a mural, they had originally thought about a light projection.  I love this idea, I can imagine those wings being projected all around town huge and tiny. It is such an amazing concept, the wings of freedom and equality, flying over Nelson.

They were partly inspired by muralist and street artist, David La Mano,. La Mano uses repeated images or symbols to make up a bigger picture. I like the way it speaks of one thing and when you get up close you see the real story… I wonder if your viewpoint is changed?


Also a special mention for group five… the video of the stream was a touch of mastery, and I would love to see that building decorated…

All the projects were really well done and thought out, we had an oil rig in a stunning blue sea, a giant pair of hairy feet, lazy workmen doing nothing, a dark and dingy tunnel, and seagulls pooing over Countdown… (tic).

Great comments in the critiques session, although I felt that there should be a little more room for praise too. Ok, so we proved we know how to critique,  we have no fear of letting it all out. BUT… there has to be balance. Credit and praise where it’s due. There was some bloody awesome work shown, and I was very happy to say so in my very British, dominant voice :o) The tutors also, were admirable in their encouragement. We are blessed with some great leaders in our team.

Sometimes the whole serious side of  ‘ART,’ can get a little too heavy, but there has to be light in order to see the shadows.

Image by David La Mano retrieved from:  http://tinyurl.com/naz5xnd  on 12/3/204