Hey Johnny…

So there you are, walking along Hardy Street, feeling a bit down and pretty much imprisoned in Plato’s cave and woohoo…

‘Is that really Johnny Depp walking towards me out of that wall? And the White Rabbit…Oh, yes Alice, I don’t mind if I do…’


Ok well, maybe not Alice, but I like the whole, down the rabbit holes idea :) I quite like how the people in my photo were all interested in a photographing the blank wall for our project, and their reactions fit in totally with the Alice mural spoof. I like to see how people react with street art, which is something I would like to explore in this project.

‘Alice’ image from Alice in Wonderland movie, directed by Tim Burton.

2 thoughts on “Hey Johnny…

  1. Bobby some more thoughts about this ‘other’ reality the space inside/outside – playing on the idea of alice in wonderland – a rabbit entering the hole beckoningly into a beautiful rainforest could be a covert symbol for the devastation caused by introduced species yet subtle in its reading rabbit entering kotare exiting

    1. Now that is absolutely wonderful thinking!!! Especially with rabbits.. I love rabbits, hate what they did here and in Aus and the UK to get rid of them, yet now apparently they are farming rabbits for food in Australia!

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