I did a daily draw today with my gorgeous old RWS, and used the card to indicate which numbers I should cover next in my 1-10 Tarot study.

Justice – karma, balance, truth and law. This card is very like the High priestess with the position of the figure and the two pillars. The sword and scales indicate balance and logic, and the blade is double edged, it can cut on both sides.

Today this card could be telling me that I deserved the drip from the leaking roof that flooded my pillow in the early hours… surely a Cup card would have been more relevant for this watery experience! Maybe some emotion is trying to reach me, something that I have shut out, so it is forcing me to take notice. It sure made me sit up! On the other hand I think there needs to be more balance in who does everything in this home – at the moment it is always me. That’s all very well in the holidays, but college starts again next week and it will be full on. I need help


Another thing that tickled me, is that having finished watching every episode of Taggart that I could find, I have now become entranced with Judge John Deed and Kavanagh QC. Two judges by two actors I quite like. I like John Thaw who plays Kavanagh a lot, although I think he was best in Morse. Martin Shaw drives me mad at times, a bit too smooth – I prefer crunchy. His character, Justice John Deed, is equally maddening. He has this amazing side to him that will fight for what is right and not succumb to corruption in high office, but personally he is a bit sad. How any female could be attracted to him I don’t know. His female counterpart is a good balance though, and she is not under any illusions about him.

So that’s Justice for today, and the next number in the study series will be Two. Watch this space.