A guard ain’t no bad thing…

Today’s draws, from the Connessione and the Tarot Noir, follow on from yesterday seamlessly!

I drew Coscienza or Conscience — number XX, which corresponds with Judgement, and from the Tarot Noir, I pulled the Nine of Wands.

Tarocchi di Connessione and Tarot Noir

I love images on the Connessione. You can really delve into them to find layers of meaning. This card, Conscience, has the figure, scratching their head or conscience maybe. The main image is surrounded by images of books, infinity symbols, and what to me looks like an hourglass, or actually two hourglasses. there is a document that looks aged and which could be a last will and testament. There is more indecipherable writing on the wall, as with the Devil card from yesterday. Judgement is associated with Pluto, the death planet, but here we have many signs of rebirth and renewal in the spirals. This card seems to show that the next life is in your hands ready for you to decide how to proceed. The historical elements along with the hourglass ,seem to point to things from the past, possibly things we need to change or learn from. Everything is there, but the figure has to work out the puzzle. I still have this thing about the writing on the wall though, that maybe I am ignoring…


The Nine of Wands is often depicted as a darker card, with a wounded soldier struggling on to the end. Often the way is barred behind him. I like the Marseilles image better, and the meaning given by the Golden Dawn – The Lord of Strength. The nine wands are as tightly bound as the ten, but there is only one in the centre holding them fast. The Ten of Wands has two  batons in the centre which could oppose each other and entrap each other, so that one cannot escape without the help of the other.

Together I am thinking the cards are telling me that I have the strength to get past whatever is blocking me and that I have all I need to do so. I need to look to my better judgement and beware of repeating past mistakes. There is also an element of maybe being too guarded, because of the past. This would fit my long term mood, and my love of being single… a guard ain’t no bad thing!