The New iPoe

What better way to get yourself in the mood for the haunting season than by reading Edgar Allan Poe?

The answer is:  iPoe

iPoe is an interactive app for the iPhone and iPad featuring some of the author’s best known works, including The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat.

The app is interactive, has suitably eerie sound effects, and dark and gloomy artwork. You can not only turn the pages, but you can leave blood stained fingerprints on them! The are bodies to dismember and dark lamp lit corners to delve into. One page I read is just like trying to read a book under the covers by torchlight, you have to manoeuvre the torch to the part of the page you want to read. All this to the sound of a dead mans heart ticking away louder… and louder… and…louder. As well as the stories you get a glimpse into the pages of Poe’s sketchbooks, and you even get to colour some of the images which I found very satisfying for some reason.

Here is a wee taster:

I have Volume I but there is also a Volume II out now, which I just noticed at the App store.

I am not a gamer, but have recently been studying scriptwriting for games, and it’s a fascinating world. The iPoe app is a kind of bridge between a game, and a well illustrated eBook. I hope the publishers keep running with this until we have his complete works in this format, so if you do love Poe…please take a look. App designers can only provide what they have the funding for, and imho this is definitely worth supporting.

I can’t help but think what it would be like to see these animations on one of those massive 80 inch screens, complete with 3D glasses. On second thoughts… maybe not, I would probably end up being driven insane, just like the killer in the story of The Tell-Tale Heart.