Foxygen Magic

Foxygen – San Francisco (Official Video) (by FoxygenVEVO)

IMHO this is rather wonderful, I love its decadence and the bohemian air of the video; it feels like Sunday morning. The music is just fabulous, it takes me somewhere back in time, or maybe just around the corner from today, I haven’t quite worked out where. It’s a very neat place to be though.

The songs opening lyrics are:

Up in the San Francisco where the forest meets the bridge
I thought I saw you standing there and then you fell onto the rails
But that was many years ago and I am so much older now
My brother is a soldier now
I can’t see them any how, I moved up in the wind
And you swimming up tide or just to the hand radio stations

There is something in these words, and the rest of the song that makes me want to delve deeper: into why I connected with it so strongly. Another part of me just wants to leave it to be what it is. The verses are so intense and full of images, while the chorus lines are more like breathing space between them. The chorus being repeated twice with just a change of one word seems to underline this need for time out to think, between all the activity within the verses themselves:

I left my love in San Francisco
That’s okay, I was bored anyway
I left my love in the room
That’s okay, I was born in L.A.

From a poets point of view I find this very clever, and whether it was intended by the writer or not it is something to think about, maybe Foxygen have found a new poetic device – breathing space! I will be on the look out for more of this in lyrics and poetry, and I definitely want  more of Foxygen!