Day – 30 – Dream Poem

On day 30

I wake with a poem

made from a dream of an unfinished day

with no beginning

just the façade of a wrecked building

that may have been in college

We lost 2 rooms, but I found them

in my desk drawer

We were writing senryu which may have been cento

when everything faded away, another room  disappeared

We walked through flooded lawns to find it

somehwere my legs stopped working

I started conversations with strangers

asking them to choose the subject of my poem

hungry, I remembered some sandwiches

from another dream, and I found them in a locker

but they had gone moldy

The missing lesson was in a disused room

hidden away at the back of the campus

with ancient desks

all jumbled on top of each other

someone yelled, there was no toilet paper

the building was cold with hard grey carpet

there was dead stuff on the floor as we walked in

someone was trying to clear it up

In the lesson we had to write a letter

demanding payment

I said I knew how to do it perfectly

I was very confident about this

the thing to do I said,

was be sure to post it

in a neon pink envelope.