Brain Wash


Sometimes, I wish I could do this to myself and have all of the impressions and beliefs that I have stored in my head washed away.

When I think about the crap that I have exposed my mind to over the years in the form of pictures, magazines, advertising, television, social media, other people’s ideas and beliefs etc, it’s no wonder there’s been confusion, fear, self-doubt and self-harm in response to it all.

When was the last time that you took a step back from the media and people that you surround yourself with so that you can take a good look at it from a different perspective? Is there toxicity and if so where?

If you read and follow the same media day in day out, do you notice that your beliefs and what you hold in the highest regard has started to emulate that?

I know I did, looking back, I have been so brain washed that I even started to take on dreams that were not even mine!

It took a lot of space in the form of meditation and detoxing my life to come back to my own reality, beliefs and actually listen to the voice inside my heart.

If you find yourself feeling full of society’s ideas about how you should look, what you should and shouldn’t eat, how you should move your body, wear your hair, dress/act/speak a certain way, NOW is the time to BREAK FREE because the bottom line is, you have been given this life and this time to be who you are on this planet and to express yourself not be a puppet of society.

Zain’s Brain Wash:

1. Step away from media.  This may be challenging I know but try it for a day. During that day, spend some time in nature and on your own.  

2. Meditate. This will help you to create the space you need from your own thoughts.  Observe your mind from a distance.

3. Journal. I mean, really get down and dirty. Write out your beliefs and what matters most to you.  Are you living those values daily? 

4. Take a look in the mirror, I mean really f’n look. Hard. What do you see?  Do you see your beauty or your imperfections? What are the judgements you have on yourself and where did they come from?

5. Are there any breaks that you can take from media permanently? Subscriptions to emails that you can unsubscribe from? Magazines that are no longer serving your higher self? 

6. Where do you feel most like yourself? During walks? Yoga? Can you spend more time doing those things and cultivating your true beliefs?  Is there a friend in your life who really helps you to see clearly, even thought their message may be challenging to hear?  Can you connect with this person?

Let’s get back to beautiful selves, shall we?