Day 15 – What You Should Know to Be a River

(after Gary Snyder)

Dylan Eil Ton

lad from the valleys

crave the enormity of Lir

the great vessel of your ancestry

though your journey is predestined

Be the writer of your story

Let it take up all the space it needs

Streams are the roots of mighty torrents

Carving new veins through the land

Forging tunnels through rock

Master of the mountains



Be wary of the sirens

They will claim you for their own

grip with horned claws

Drink your life’s juice

Until you are but a dried up saints tongue

With no voice

Embrace the monster within

When the moon is full

Let him burst from your banks

To party wild among the Gods of the night

Hide your voodoo beneath the silt

And should it be disturbed then let it rage

And curse those who woke its sleep


be gentle

know the strength of silence

Of stillness

be thankful

for the love

that guides you home