Day 1 – Addiction vs Choice


When I realised that
you were not the love of my life,

I demoted you to a health issue.

You became my addiction, my drug.

My insatiable compulsion to be with you,

the instant gratification derived from your touch;

caused me to modify my natural behaviour.

My tolerance levels grew and grew

So high my friends couldn’t the stand toxicity levels;

one by on they left me;

pretended to be out when I called.


I shrank smaller and smaller

did nothing but drink and smoke between highs;

a couple more addictions to feed the big one


I started collecting losses;

lost weight

lost my job

lost all self confidence

lost sleep

lost my way.


One day I didn’t wake.

An ambulance came

– life was dripped into my veins

I was dripped back, drop by drop


until I was full of me



without yearning


without compulsion

without addiction.



Just someone who once made

a bad choice.