Spooky Possums Horoscope

I was extremely amused when I read my weekly horoscope in the Sunday Star Times Magazine….. I mean, many people don’t  believe these things, sometimes I don’t believe them, especially if they are less than wonderful. So, without further ado, here is this weeks forecast from Jessica Adams:

Cancer February 24th – March 2nd

The full moon on Monday affects you more than most signs, as the moon is your ruler. It falls in your house of academia, travel, publishing, the internet and foreign cultures. Over the next five weeks, assume nothing and question everything – you will find that a USB stick, a healthy dose of cynicism and a magnifying glass will take you a long way.

Ok Jessica….. have all Cancerians who read your weekly offerings, just returned to academia, where much has been spoken on this very day about publishing, foreign cultures and the internet ? Have we all been advised to purchase a USB stick, ask questions (in poetic form) and look more closely at the written word? Or is this just all about me?

I shall hang on to the healthy dose of cynicism, just in case you get it wrong next week…