Tarot Life Begins….

I have officially started the Tarot Life course over at Tarosophy… took some working out but I think I am getting there!

I am using my Thoth deck as it is one I haven’t used much and it will give me the opportunity to study the cards in a bit of depth as they get drawn each day. Once drawn the cards remian part of the spread and do not get returned to the deck. Of course me being me I wonder over 31 days which 14 cards will end up left undrawn in the pile at the end.

First I had to work out my Destiny Card for this year which is Four of Cups. Then each day you add to a month long spread which creates a destiny path for you to follow, hopefully ending up with you closer to where you want to be…. sounds good to me.

Four of Cups – Thoth Tarot

 I really need to focus on Four of Cups more and learn what my destiny is. Here this card is called Luxury but I really don’t see my destiny as luxury…. or boring… or too square for that matter. This card is about cups overflowing, which I guess is a kind of luxury. Overflowing with love and light, the water of life. The crescent moon at the top of the card relates to my birth sign, shown below. It is a double dose of Lunar energy, this card!

I know whatever my *happy* destiny is, it will always be spiritual and emotionally fulfilling rather than material. I do need intellectual and creative fulfillment too though. Ok this path is exciting now… I will think more about this as the month goes on.

 The first two guide cards I drew last night were The Page of Disks and The Knight of Cups. I was definitely meant to have the Knight of Cups, as I tried out three other decks before settling on the Thoth and each time I drew Knight of Cups first…. cant help but wonder who he could be…. I wouldn’t mind a romantic Knight in shining armour (armore!!) to guide me through the New Year!

Prince of Disks & Knight of Cups – Thoth Tarot

The cards are at angles because this is the whole idea of the game, the angle relates to how far you were from your goal that day for the card of the left and how much opportunity you may have missed to get closer to your destiny on the right.

Prince of Disks is a great card for new beginnings as it is about planting the seeds, setting a plan and small goals to follow so you have the feeling of accomplishment as you go. This card tells me to be more set in my goals and plans which I am absolutely terrible at! The bull represents determination and bull headedness… and I need some of that!

Knight of Cups….. hmmmm maybe I missed an opportunity to meet my Knight… who knows! I shall be more alert when I hear hoof beats in the distance. I found out from Angel Paths website (which I love!), that the Knight of Cups is also related to the energy flow in the home and Feng Sui principles.  Well according to a quick check the head of my bed is in the right place for learning and training. I have also felt like reaaranging and clearing things out….. Tomorrow!!!!