The Wheel and Viné

Ludy Lescot gave me The Wheel today, and from the Fallen Angels Oracle I drew the angel Viné.

Count Viné is the 45th demon as evoked by Solomon according to the Goetia. He can see the past and the future, build towers and walls and also destroy them, he can also control the seas, create storms and find witches and things that are hidden. The name comes from the Latin Vinea or Vine which was an ancient war machine used to overthrow walls.

Viné has the Sun as his planet, and the element of Air. Traditionally he is portrayed as a lion holding a snake and riding a black horse. In this card there is a lion lying watchfully in front of a grand archway, this could be a gateway to a city maybe, to represent the walls he can build and destroy. There is a tower in the distance behind him. The sky looks angry and stormy. The word on the card is danger. I suppose the watchful lion could be representative of danger, but more as being on guard and therefore expecting danger than, the lion himself being the danger.

The message of this card in the oracle is that of a champion, helping you to defend your corner. Viné can understand your position and uncover causes of trouble that you cannot yet see, as well as uncovering personal weaknesses. He sounds like a good ally!

I have been questioning what I am doing that may not be for my best interests, and I have asked to be shown hidden dangers as a result of events in current relationships. I could do with a strong watcher in my corner I think.

The Wheel from Ludy Lescot and Fallen Angel Viné

The Wheel shows a figure sitting at the bottom of some steps, and at the top is a small figure silhouetted against the light. The wheel itself looks like it could be sun or moon rays…pushing from dark into light. There are human remains, bones scattered on the steps.

The female looks as if she is maybe surprised to find herself at the bottom and wonders how to get back up, can she face it.. or maybe she is just distraught at the mess she has made and the destruction that has resulted from her behavior, that landed her here. The shadowy guy at the top looks like he could be saying “I told you so….” or “Another fine mess you got me into Stanley”

I don’t quite know what to make of this card…. in the LWB it says:

“When we are in the dark, we are attracted to the light like a moth to the flame. In the light, it is the darkness that beckons us.”

Certainly there is a lot of dark and light in the card, and then there is the wheel which turns and shows how we can be up or down…. from in the light or in the shadows. And of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, we always want what we cannot have at that time. Maybe it is this human need for more, this grasping desirous nature that keeps the wheel turning.

Looking at both these cards together I wonder if the lion wants me to watch my step, lest I end up falling down the stairs and destroying something else in my wake?! Heavy stuff!

If anyone has any input here I would love to hear it!

I received a wonderful and fascinating follow up email on Aeclectic Tarot which I am posting here with the author’s permission… Thanks Mainegirl117 !!

Hi There..
Don’t have an account with which to post a reply to your blog, but I would suggest that those two cards are saying that you’ve got someone – something? – keeping an eye out on you – they’re “in your corner”

I would take that lion as the man at the top of the stairs in the Wheel card, Fortune looking down at you; you may be at the bottom of the wheel rotation and now the only way to go is up, which is ultimately a good thing (it’s like getting the 10/swords “you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way to go now is up”).

Look for a “bright shadow”. By this I mean: a bird flying in front of the sun, an animal crossing on the road at night which you see with your car lights (then, if you work with animal totems, look for the meanings of this/these animals for your ultimate message), a person standing in a doorway backlit but face cast in shadow… that sort of thing.

Another message that I get from this card is in reference to Moths (aka butterflies): what stage of development are you in? what are you transforming? how are you “in transition”? What do you want to do next but aren’t yet ready for? Moths/butterflies are also significant in relation to ArchAngel Auriel/Uriel (who presides over all creatures great & small on earth).

Interesting history with Count Vine. The Wheel also has a history similar in that the wheel “crushes the king” when he’s at the bottom. This usually happens in the Springtime so that a new king can be born or reign. This story repeats itself in Pagan myth with the Strength card (also a lion like your oracle card there?) where the Crone of winter dies and is reborn as the Maiden in the Spring/Early Summer and Mother in the Summer/Fall. Any issues around parenting/mothering right now?

In your discussion of the oracle card, you mentioned that Count Vine associates with the Sun and the element of Air. As I mentioned Auriel/Uriel and the Moth/Butterfly (and air insect) I’ll also mention here that the two Court Cards that can associate with this is the King and Queen of Swords… The “Monarchs”. If you look at the classic RWS cards you’ll actually see monarch butterflies on the cards.
The King of Swords is the General that you want to see coming in after a battle is over because he can rebuild a city in a timely and efficient manner. No moment is wasted and is a tough task-master.

The Queen of Swords is also known as the “Mask-cutter”. She can identify a traiter in her midst because she knows the faces of every person in her kingdom. She can also see through a dis-guise. In relation to you looking for or revealing the danger in your midst I’d say you’d want her on your side. She puts her head/logic before emotions, so if this is a question about a relationship, then it might be suggesting to stop being so emotional, and to look at the situation as impartially as possible. I’ve seen it mentioned that the only way to get off the cycle of the Wheel is to become Justice, to sit at the center of the rotation and to look at things calmly (unlike that damsel in distress there). The lioness does the same thing when she’s hunting (because not only does she raise the young, she also does all the hunting. She has to wait patiently in the tall grass and watch for her prey).

I would say you have a good chance at seeing what danger may be lurking around you. There might also be a lesson in here about fear. Fear often arises when you need a lesson in courage.

Numerically you’ve got 45 = 4+5=9 (tie-ing up loose ends) and 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 (new beginnings). This happens to be pretty significant because we’re in week 49 of the calendar year and this week is all about tieing up loose ends from the past and learning from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them over and over again (Like the wheel).

Well, that’s it I think. I know it’s a lot but for some reason your draw really got me thinking. Hopefully there’s something here in the notations that will strike you as relevant and help you interpret your draw in regards to your situation.

It struck me while reading this that we are ALL feeling this change because of the transition we’re in with the ending of an Aeon on December 21st. Nobody knows what to expect, but those of us that are aware of the change in social consciousness are responding in various degrees to this energy. You’re not alone in this