The Moon and Haagenti

Another Moon! Also I remembered just now that the first Fallen Angel card I drew on Sunday was related to the Moon. Okay well obviously there is a message. I was looking at this Moon card again from the Ludy Lescot deck, and another thing that came to mind was being careful where you tread until you can see things clearly, kind of, don’t leave home without a map.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door……”

Lots of messages in this Moon card. I will look at my oracle card and see if this sheds any light on how I should be reading the Moon today.

From the Angels Oracle I drew card 67, Haagenti, who was according to the Goetia, the 48th spirit demon evoked by Solomon.  The planet associated with this demon is Mercury … quicksilver..illusive and changeable. Haagenti is represented by a large bull, but could also change into a man and a gryphon. When in human form he would teach men to be wise.  The bull who is shown on the card carved on a tombstone, was a symbol of St Luke, the evangelist, and a physician. Also shown on the card, are a skull and a pestle and mortar, tools of the alchemist. Haagenti is patron of alchemy and the healing arts. Alchemy, simply, is the art of changing something into its purest possible form. For us humans, this form is spirit.

The Moon from Ludy Lescot Tarot and Haagenti from Fallen Angels Oracle

The message of Haagenti is rest, renewal, healing and transformation, even a holiday.

Looking at both the cards and trying to see how they relate to each other, maybe I need to move on, walk out of the mist and through those gates of healing and renewal, where the way is clearly lit.  Could be that my castle is too safe, too much of a prison, certainly the walls look as if they are looming over the landscape and the ghostly figure.

I thought today about holidays, about hiring a bus or just going someplace different for a week with the kids. If I was away from here, maybe I would see the way ahead clearer, find the path of transformation. Become less of a ghost in my own life……… !