Ludy Lescot

This week’s deck of the week is the Ludy Lescot Tarot….  it is published by Lo Scarebo and the artwork is by Patrizio Evangelisti. I really like this deck, I love the colouring and the artwork, so I am looking forward to getting to know it better this week.

Instead of just choosing one card for a Daily Draw I decided to draw three, for some clarification of whats going on with me. I asked:

1. What I should be careful about
2. What I should worry less about
3. Best thing to do for me in the next few days.

These are the cards I drew:

Moon, 7 of Wands and Knave of Pentacles – Ludy Lescot Tarot

1. The Moon

I have certainly had my fair share of Moon or Moon related cards in the past few weeks! Mind you with the recent Moon cycle beginning with a total eclipse of the Sun it’s not surprising! I love this card, it shows the castle walls and the great portal…. gates to the otherworld. There is a ghostly figure who looks as if she may be floating through the mist but this could be just the ethereal quality that ist creates. There is a distinct Man in the Moon looking down on the scene and below him is a bright Star. Half the face of the Moon is in shadow.

The Moon is about illusions, and emotions, who is experiencing what? The Moon watches over the world of our dreams, when we could the ghost and the dream figures real. This scene feels very peaceful, but will peace last beyond the night. I think this figure is asking the Moon for help…. the Moon is my ruling planet, I often ask for guidance, and the Moon has sent a guiding star. There is a way out beyond those great pillars, but I need to know which direction I am heading in or I coud become lost in the mists.

The LWB suggests you give a face to the ghosts or illusion, face it and let it go, and then you too will be freed.

2. Seven of Wands

The LWB says:

“Love peace, but if you must fight, fight furiously and never retreat even one step.”

The guy in the card could be attacking, or he could be defending himself with the wand he carries. I can only see 5 shadowy wands coming at him. I wonder if the fire is caused by the seventh wand burning? They are after all the fire element in the Tarot. He seems to have walked through the fire, maybe he set light to the wand to ward off danger? Whatever he doesn’t seem to be about to give up and back down.
I can see very clearly, a skull engraved into the tree directly at the point of the mans right elbow. This may just be my vision today, and it could well disappear tomorrow never to be seen again, but right now I would give it some weight. I see it as the strength and wisdom of the older wiser ones that have gone before, supporting this guy while he is holding his own.

3. Knave of Pentacles

A young man dressed in baggy white poets shirt sits at a desk writing. A candle beside him lights his globe and behind him are shelves of books. On his desk are a skull, a dagger, a coin with the eye in the triangle symbol engraved upon it, more books, a compass and possibly a map. The chair behind him is engraved with a Tudor rose. This dude is the total student, of the history and geography, metaphysics and alchemy… and whatever else is concealed within the pages of his books.

Perhaps he is the eternal student, who goes back to his books again and again, that would be me. The skull represents cycles of things and the ancestorsm our history and heritage. The eye in the triangle is the Eye of Providence, or the ‘All seeing Eye’ …. to remind us we are watched at all times, by our conscience if nothing else. The compass is a symbol of the Freemasons, traditionally seen with a  carpenters square, it may have many meanings, but the one I recall is the union of body and soul, of the two halves of man. How this symbol came about I don’t know… one to look up!  The rose to me is representative of England, and fairy tales…, but there are lots of legends surrounding the rose which I like. Apparently apprentice Masons were given a long stemmed rose at the beginning of their training. It was supposed to represent them with their core hidden in all the petals. But as the rose ages, and becomes more open, the petals unfold to reveal what is within. Nice analogy, for discovering hidden truths about us and the universe. With all this symbolism and all the signs of the scholar, this guy seems to me to be the ultimate page or knave.


The  message here seems quite clear…. beware of illusions and the hidden side of things.. the other side of the face. Face your ghosts and let them go. I don’t meed to be as defensive as I feel I must, I can stand my ground if I have to, but it is something I don’t need to worry too much about right now.
The best thing for me to do this next few days, is to continue to learn, inner and outer lessons. To bring my inner learning out into my life and into the world. Maybe my art. I did get an order for a bag yesterday!

Very interesting deck… I do like it. Some of the cards seem to be far from the traditional RWS system initially, but they are not really too far out. As far as the LWB goes…. well… whi needs these things anyway!!!