Shroud for the Zombies!

A few days ago I received my long awaited  Zombie Apocalypse Tarot. Ok this is a large deck as Tarot decks go, but nowhere near as large as the box it came in!! Just look at this waste…. not to mention expensive shipping. Thankfully The Game Crafter are addressing the issue and were keen to hear the thoughts of Tarot collectors, which is good to hear. I shall continue to support them.. we all have to learn.

Large Box with Lots of Brown Paper …… and Zombies!

So.. time to meet some of the Zombies…. I am actually very fond of them!

A few of the Zombies Up Close      

Because the bag that came with the deck was very very flimsy and plastic-like and not at all a suitable place to keep such a collection of self respecting Zombies, I had to make them a special shroud.. of course! You can see part of it in the photo above… I dyed the inside to give a blood soaked bandage effect :-/

The photo below shows the gorgeous Zombie blood red Moon and the outside of their shroud, it was all made from old hand dyed and torn fabrics and a ton of free machine embroidery.

Zombies with Shroud          

I did actually use real first aid gauze and bandages in the making of the shroud… I even sewed through my thumb once, so there may be a touch of blood in the mix too ;)


Close Up of Bloodied Bandage!

The last two photo’s show the shroud wrapped around the deck, I stitched one end into a pocket so they dont fall out and get even more damaged!!

Zombie Shroud with Ripped Edges
Other Side of Shroud

And if you ever fancy a custom made shroud, wrap or bag for a special deck… I do make them to order, just give me a shout!