The Magicians’ Song

The Magician from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and Ekstasis from The Faeries’ Oracle…. Interesting to get two cards numbered one and two in their respective decks. Could this mean new energy is beginning? Both cards are good energy cards, especially Ekstasis… so it looks like a good turn up to me.

The Magician in this beautifully jewel coloured card looks as if maybe he ended up where he is without quite knowing how he got there. His is surrounded by the cosmos and all her secrets. Also around him are his books of learning, his globe of worldly knowledge and his magical pentacle. A little green kitty holds the pentacle, he is looking at it as if wondering why on earth the human Magician would need such a thing! Pah! doesn’t this dude realise that the magic is within us? Meowwwww… who needs shiny things! Especially when you have such an obviously clever familiar!

Although he has his wand, his sword and chalice and his cat has the pentacle,  all the magical and elemental tools of the Tarot, the only magical item the Magician is using is his crystal ball, and he is looking straight into the readers eyes as if wondering whether or not he should pass on what he has seen. Is the viewer ready to hear what he has to say?  He looks very kindly and humble. He has a feather in his hat like the Fool, but then of course the only wise man is the Fool. I like the Magician and the Fool both being represented in one card.

Ekstasis – The Faeries’ Oracle and The Magician – Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Ekstasis is the song of Unity, the higher being, and the connection between us and all that is around is. It is the moment of joy we feel leap in our hearts when we feel that supreme trust in the Universe. Ecstasy… this brilliant burst of pure energy that lights us and lifts us somewhere beyond this world.
A great companion to have around. This card like the Magician is about going for it, being on the right path, and a new beginning. It also has the effect of empowering the cards around it and intensifying their energy. The transition of the blues to sparkling silvery white is uplifting in itself and feel very calm. Usually when I feel those moments no effort is needed except to accept and to be. I see this card as permission  to be as me as I can be… with no apologies to Dr Seuss ;)

After yesterdays Full Moon reading about endings and cycles coming to a close…. it seems very auspicious that I get these two cards today which are so clearly about new beginnings….!