Dear Heart #16

I didn’t mean to hurt you
when I went into that dark lit bar
and there was an old piano
like Tom Waits plays
remember that song was playing
the one that I called ours
and I asked him to play it for me
but he never did
he played a Greenday song instead…

I didn’t mean to break you
when I dropped you from my balcony
the day he road up my steep path
on his rusty new bike
I was so entranced I didn’t notice you fall
but I left you there
squashed like a tomato at his feet
I gave you away
and you were rejected

When you cried my name
I didn’t hear, I was too busy
listening to another tune
it’s closing time, the musics fading out
last call for drinks, I’ll have another stout
So the moon waxed and waned, many times
and still you waited for me in that old garden
as I waited night after night for him
today I am coming to bring you home.