A Story of a Goat #2

Looking through treasures
gleaned from the night
while remembering pre-dawn
conversations with the Moon

I adore this world

of those who are loving
of those who make me laugh
and cry and dream
until I believe in freedom

New adventures
are born in my soul
where I feel the force
of a great life spirit
this energy within me
creating peace and thanks

Just listen to the new morning!

I play with a magical tarot deck
learn spiritual colours
and see the true beauty
of an autumn woodstack
I catch the scent of midwinter
stirring gorgeous garlic greens
making soup
and happiness

Joy makes me think of the story
of the goat being a goat
because thats what goats do best
My heart soars up
from a trampoline
sprung tight with emotion
as I realise
the simple ways
of true contentment