Lockdown Day 28

what if…

What if we thought of it as a holiday
a gift of time
Turn the alarm off,
Watch movies in bed
have food delivered to our door
Read the file of books
that we move around but never open

What if we thought
about all the things we want to do
Learn astrology
Write a novel
Discover the art of Vedic cooking
Ayurvedic food doesn’t use onions and garlic
Which is perfect during this shortage

What if we got up early
before dawn
Listened to the first bird call
learned their songs
Watched the sunrise
and then returned indoors
to linger over breakfast

What if we found east and west and north and south
and recognised
all the constellations in our sky
and how they got their names
And studied the effect of phases of the moon
to see how our moods change
as she waxes and wanes

What if our days became so full
we could not imagine
a world outside
Dashing to work
Flying through time
Eating without tasting
Living Without seeing

What if
Instead of thinking of our world shrinking
becoming more confined
We became happier, calmer, wiser
Learned to breathe deeply, fully
What if our lives instead of getting smaller
got bigger.

Lockdown Day 21

Muse – Haiku

What muse more faithful
the black dog, devotedly
waiting at the door

Lockdown Day 20

Stolen Fruit – Haiku

I am not sorry
for stealing wasting apples
my cake tastes divine

Lockdown Day 19


Forbidden fruit is tempting me
From just beyond the neighbour’s gate
A fully laden apple tree
Forbidden fruit is tempting me
Tho’ he’s no Adam nor I no Eve
T’is sin that fruit is going to waste
Forbidden fruit is tempting me
From just beyond the neighbour’s gate

Lockdown Day 18


I walked to the church this morning
a nod to Easter Day
The church was silent the car park empty
but further down the road
I saw a mailbox
adorned with a large painted easter egg
No Easter egg hunts this year
instead we have the bear hunt
Today I saw my first Teddy bear
He wasn’t in a window like town teddies
In the country the driveways are long
Teddies who want to be seen
need to be hardy
He was a big bear
tied to a fence decorated with red baubles
And he was very wet
I wanted to rescue him
but I figured he wanted to carry on
this brave bear doing his bit
Further down the lane
I saw a basket of bears
wrapped in tinsel
I smiled
as I thought of these crazy times
when the the planet
was locked down
and the simple things
were embraced
and the
teddy bear
became a world ambassador

Lockdown Day 16

Headlines hay(na)ku

Proclaims morning
Tui answers back

Silent flight
Here then there

His mate
On the fence

Crying overhead
Leave us alone

Stay inside
Nature reclaims planet

Lockdown Day 13

No poem today

There is no poem today
The words all look the same
So prayer fizz crow ho-hum sleigh

Lockdown Day 12

The autumn river ball

At the Autumn River Ball
behold the dawn festivities
The fantails dance and bellbirds call
This is how the silence sounds

Behold the dawn festivities
Pukeko footmen run here and there
This is how the silence sounds
Water music fills the air

Pukeko footmen run here and there
with acorn cups and leafy platters
Water music fills the air
Starlings gather to chitter and chatter

With acorn cups and leafy platters
they fill their bellies greedily
Starlings gather to chitter and chatter
beneath the oak tree’s finery

They fill their bellies greedily
when human creatures go to ground
Beneath the oak tree’s finery
the blackbird and his queen are crowned

When human creatures go to ground
the fantails dance and bellbirds call
The blackbird and his queen are crowned
at the Autumn River Ball

Lockdown Day 11


million drummers
perform for the Virgo moon
rain on a tin roof

Lockdown Day 10


It is always winter here
A Narnia landscape
made for me
I walk with a dream man
our footsteps crunching deep in the snow
We arrive at a frozen lake
the vastness is incredible
The creaking of the huge ice fields
The voice of the wind
telling me this is what I dreamed of
what I always wanted.
You are safe, the dream man tells me

Then we are in a warm room
A stranger
tells us we can’t go
because the clocks are going back
I don’t know where we were going
so it doesn’t matter
I think of Turkish Delight
and look out of the window
to a darkening land
A glimmer in the sky tugs at my cloak
drags me away
from the dream I wrote
and the man who found me there

My eyes stay closed in denial
until the light burns through
The sun’s first rays
blaze golden on the wooden chest
the Snow Queen landscape has melted
into wisps of smoke
Survival signals in the lightening sky
We made it through the night

Later in the valley
clouds race, grey on violet on indigo
on not quite white
They pile up, a great stormy candy floss mountain
I hear the call of the wind
the creak of the lake
Frozen in a never-ending winter
I am not afraid
He tells me I am safe

Evening shadows cast incantations across the grass
in beautiful ancient calligraphy
Venus is transiting through Gemini
Moody introspective
concerned with subtle emotions
mystical depths
not at home in the world
of course not

I shuffle the cards
6 of Swords, The Moon, The Chariot
The waxing moon in Virgo
attempts to keep me practical
But it is longing that drags me through the day
to darkness
to a dream
of a frozen lake
and he who tells me I am safe.